100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

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Refine your Yoga Practice with us: Discover Authentic 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in the Spiritual Heart of Rishikesh

$ 650 $ 499
100 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh

Immediately after course completion...

100 hour yoga teacher training in india
You will receive a certificate of 100 hours from Omkara Yoga School


12 spots left on the next training: May. 1st - 12th, 2024

A transformative Yoga Journey

Unearth profound self-discovery through yoga, a transformative journey uniting mind, body, and soul, igniting inner radiance and peace


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100 hours Yoga TTC graduated from Omkara Yoga School


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Beginner Yoga Course

Transformative 100 YTT Embracing yogic wisdom by the Holy Ganges

Embracing yogic wisdom by the Holy Ganges, where the ancient art of yoga meets the sacred flow of the river. A journey of self-discovery, serenity, and spiritual enlightenment unfolds harmoniously in our Yoga Teacher Training Course

  • Makes you eligible for 200 Hour YTTC
  • Mindful guidance by experienced teachers fostering growth
  • Comfortable accommodation by the sacred Ganga awaits your tranquil escape
  • Nourishing organic soulful cuisine satisfying your taste buds
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  • School Area 002
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  • School Area 004
  • School Area 001
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  • School Area 004
100 hour ashtanga yoga teacher training in rishikesh

Yoga nurtures inner strength & guides spiritual journeys with mindfulness & grace!

Our Ashram provides the breathtaking view of holy Ganges with a backdrop of mountains, close to nature and beautiful waterfalls. Find your inner peace at the foot hills of Himalayas

Become a confident teacher by exploring the ancient art of Yoga with the spiritual presence of nature.

Sacred Yoga Haven

Serenity of Ganga for Spiritual Evolution

Course Syllabus for 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Explore yoga fundamentals : Asanas & Kriyas, its Philosophy & Anatomy. Deepen your practice with balance of theory and practical

Ashtanga Yoga Subject

Ashtanga Yoga

  • Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga
  • Surya Namaskar A & B
  • Ashtanga Standing Sequence
  • Mysore Style Self practice
  • Ujjayi breathing in Asana
Vinyasa Hataha Yoga Subject

Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga

  • Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga
  • Standing sequence
  • Creative Flows
  • Hatha style Yoga
  • Peak posture sequence
Pranayama Meditation Subject

Pranayama & Meditation

  • Yogic Breathing
  • Shatkarma Practise & Theory
  • Introduction to Ashta Kumbhaka
  • Trataka, Japa Meditation
  • Yog Nidra Meditation
Yoga Philosophy Subject

Yoga Philosophy

  • Introduction to Yoga Philosophy
  • Pancha Vayus
  • Introduction of Patanjali Yog Sutra
  • Paths of Yoga
  • Introduction to Trigunas
Yoga Anatomy Subject


  • Introduction of Skeletal system
  • Introduction of Joints
  • Introduction of Nervous system
  • Introduction of Respiratory system
  • Introduction of muscles
Alignment Teaching Medthodology Subject


  • Basic Joint Alignemnt
  • Alignment of Ashtanga Surya Namaskar
  • Common mistakes and precautions
  • Modifications and Variations
  • Preparatory excercises
Additional Learnings

Additional learnings

  • Sound healing
  • Keertan
  • Beach yoga
  • Acro yoga
  • Yin yoga
  • Partner yoga
  • Iyenger class

Note: all these additional classes are not part of the course but are included additionally

Daily Schedule for 100 Hour Yoga TTC

Experience a Yogic routine through our daily schedule to ensure you devote your time to every kriya which includes practical and theory sessions. A journey full of learning and transformation!

Morning Bell 05:00 am
Shatkarma & Pranayama 06:30 - 07:30 am
Vinyasa flow Yoga 07:30 - 09:00 am
Breakfast 09:00 - 10:00 am
Yoga Anatomy 10:00 - 10:45 am
Yoga Alignment 11:00 - 11:45 am
Yoga Philosophy 12:15 - 01:00 pm
Lunch 01:00 - 02:00 pm
Ashtanga Yoga 04:00 - 5:30 pm
Meditation & Mantra chanting 06:00 - 7:00 pm
Dinner 07:10 - 08:00 pm
Lights off 10:00 pm
  • sound-healing-class
  • aerial-yoga-class
  • partner-yoga
  • beach-yoga
  • morning-yoga-poses
  • beach-group-yoga-flow
  • evening-meditation-beach-of-ganges
  • morning-yoga-asana
  • pranayama-class-on-the-bank-of-ganga

What Will you get in the 100-hour Yoga TTC?

All essentials provided for an enriching experience

What is Included?

  • 12 nights of comfortable accommodation
  • Complimentary Pickup (Dehradun Airport, Rishikesh Bus & Railway Station)
  • 3 nourishing yet tasty meals everyday
  • One relaxing ayurvedic massage
  • Shatkarma Kit
  • Study material and course manual
  • Round the clock support during the course
  • Practical experience with theoretical wisdom
  • Unlimited Wifi connection
  • Two Weekly Excursions
  • Experience for Bhakti Yoga
  • Indian traditional festival celebration

What is NOT Included?

  • Pickup from any other location
  • Air conditioning (150 USD extra)
  • Heater (150 USD extra)
  • Air fare

Our Teachers

Experienced, compassionate instructors dedicated to guiding your transformative journey

Sangam ji
Alignment & Vinyasa

A dedicated Vinyasa teacher with a passion for fluid movement, breath awareness, and fostering mind-body connection. Experience transformative sequences that rejuvenate and uplift with the correct alignment instructions and learnings

Sahil ji

Dedicated Pranayama teacher with profound knowledge in breathwork. Passionate about cultivating awareness, inner peace, and vitality through ancient breathing techniques. Nurturing a harmonious mind-body connection

Arvind Ji
Ashtanga & Vinyasa

Experienced Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Alignment teacher, guiding students with precision and flow. A dedicated practitioner committed to deepening practice and fostering mindful alignment for holistic well-being

Prajana Ji
Meditation & Philosophy

Experienced Meditation and Philosophy teacher, adept at guiding students toward inner stillness and philosophical understanding. Inspires transformative insights for a balanced and mindful life journey.

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Nature inspired Journey


Harmonize with the surroundings Discover a haven of serenity in our nature-inspired accommodations, unwind in comfort, and experience the beauty of your peaceful retreat.

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Relax in comfort Your perfect stay at Omkara Yoga School

Pay only 100 USD to secure your spot now! Change of dates available for no additional cost

  • private-room-001
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Private room

$910 $699

  • One King size bed
  • Hot water, shower, wifi
  • 3 meals everyday
  • Yoga Mat & manual
  • Yoga Alliance Certification
  • shared-room-001
  • shared-room-002
  • shared-room-003

Shared room

$650 $499

  • One King size bed
  • Hot water, shower, wifi
  • 3 meals everyday
  • Yoga Mat & manual
  • Yoga Alliance Certification

What our students have to say about us after their 100 hour course?

50 + reviews for 100 hour Yoga TTC On Google Review

  • Brenda Alam
    United States of America

    Enrolling in Omkara Yoga School's 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India was a life-changing decision. The instructors' expertise and personalized guidance exceeded expectations. The comprehensive curriculum seamlessly blended theory and practice, fostering a deep understanding of yoga's essence. The tranquil setting by the Ganges added a spiritual dimension. The supportive community and transformative experience make Omkara Yoga TTC truly exceptional. Highly recommended for those seeking a profound yoga journey.

  • Thiemen Crum

    Omkara Yoga TTC in Rishikesh India provided a transformative and enriching experience. The knowledgeable instructors were supportive, and the curriculum well-structured. The serene setting by the Ganges enhanced the spiritual journey. Highly recommend for those seeking a profound yoga teacher training.

  • Georgia Glasgow

    Omkara YTT in Rishikesh India was an exceptional experience. Expert instructors, a well-structured curriculum, and a serene Ganges backdrop created a transformative atmosphere. Grateful for the profound journey and newfound wisdom.

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Fees & Dates 2024

Start your yogic journey!

Course Date

Private Room

Shared Room

Seats Left


1 May - 12 May 2024

699 USD

499 USD


1 Jun - 12 Jun 2024

699 USD

499 USD


1 Jul - 12 Jul 2024

699 USD

499 USD


1 Aug - 12 Aug 2024

699 USD

499 USD


1 Sep - 12 Sep 2024

699 USD

499 USD


1 Oct - 12 Oct 2024

699 USD

499 USD


1 Nov - 12 Nov 2024

699 USD

499 USD


1 Dec - 12 Dec 2024

699 USD

499 USD


1 Jan - 12 Jan 2025

699 USD

499 USD


1 Jan - 12 Jan 2025

699 USD

499 USD


1 Feb - 12 Feb 2025

699 USD

499 USD


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